What Boss In MU Legend Closed Beta Gave You The Most Trouble?

Hey guys today, we are having a little bit of fun with MU Legend. You know that we love to offer great deals and that is why buying MU Legend Zen at the lowest price possible is something we strive to do. Anyway, as we are big fans of the game ourselves, we spend a lot of time on the MU Legend Facebook page. Not just to get the latest news, but also because the folks running it are a ton of fun.
What Boss In MU Legend Closed Beta Gave You The Most Trouble?
One of the recent posts we saw asked the question about what is the hardest boss in MU Legend? Which got a few of us in the office thinking about it and we agreed that the most challenging one that we faced was The Frost Queen. Now, of course, it may be very different for you. But what we felt made the Frost Queen so tough was that ring of ice she would put on the ground around her. It would start small and then move around, before taking up a lot of the floor! It made getting in close and doing some serious damage, pretty damn tough. Still, this was a pretty fun boss fight so we did not mind.

We would love to know what boss fights you found challenging in MU Legend’s most recent beta. Also, let us know of any tips and tricks that you used to put these bosses in their place. Also be sure to have a good look at our MU Legend Zen!

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