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Bless Online FAQs (June 2018)

It's only 2 days to the releasing of Bless Online Early Access, some players are eager to experience this game on Steam, and I know that you guys must have a lot of questions on Bless Online, so this time I am going to show you some basic FAQs:

Release Date, Beta Testing & Early Access
What's the release date for Bless Online Early Access? Bless Online will start on May 30th at 10:00 a.m. (PDT).
What's the payment model for Bless? Bless is going to be Buy2Play.
Just how much does it cost? Is going to be announced soon.
How lengthy will EA last? The size of EA is going to be determined by the gamer feedback received during EA as well as on the stabilization of the Bless service.
Will progress be easily wiped after EA? No. Players in EA won't have their progress easily wiped. EA will be described as a "soft launch."
I've heard that you will see beta testing before EA. How do I participate? There isn't presently an open beta test planned.
Is it hard t…

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