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How Runescape Mobile Is Going To Get More People Into OSRS?

We are very close to the release of Old School Runescape and one thing many people who have come here to buy Old School Runescape Mobile Gold have said is how they know people who are looking to get into or even back into Runescape when it comes to mobile.

OSRS is already a monster of a game since the early 2000's many of us have loved taking on quests, finding the best loot, uncovering secrets and even making new friends. While many of us have stuck with the game. A lot of people dropped off for one reason or another. OSRS 07 Mobile is certainly going to pull a lot of these people back in. There is already a lot of buzz about Runescape Mobile on social media and it is having that "I remember that!" effect on many people. So these are the kind of people that are going to be coming back to the game.

As well as the returning players, Runescape Mobile is going to attract a whole new audience of people. People who as we write this, have never even heard of Runescape, but wi…

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