New Madden 18 Gameplay Footage

There was a new Madden 18 "leak" recently that showed off some actual gameplay footage of the game. The video is all over YouTube and while here at, we are not sure of who exactly managed to snag this footage, but it is all cell phone footage so we have to assume it was filmed at some closed door EA thing.

EA has not shown much in the way of actual game time. Sure we have seen a ton of videos of different mechanics and modes, but this is actually the first actual game footage that has been leaked. It is worth noting that EA has now come out and said that the footage shown is not the final version of the game.
New Madden 18 Gameplay Footage
From what we have seen there seems to be a mixed response to this video with some gamers coming out and saying that EA has flat out lied and that Madden 18 looks no different to Madden 17! We would have to disagree with this and say that thanks to the use of the Frostbite Engine, the game looks much more fluid and dare we say quicker paced. Things like the new passing will only really be something we can comment on once we get used to it so we are willing to give EA the benefit of the doubt over this leaked footage as we still think, Madden 18 is looking pretty damn good.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new Madden and also be sure to bookmark our Madden 18 section for all the best upcoming deals on MUT 18 coins and other cool stuff.

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