MU Legend Brings Fast And Action Packed PVP Arena 10vs10 Battles

Here at we really fell in love with the style of MU Legend and are sure it is going to be a hit. We actually have a whole section of the site set up so you can buy MU Legend items online when things are fully up and running with the game. Still one of the coolest things about MU Legend is the PVP 10vs10 arena battles that we have been part of and also checking out on YouTube.
MU Legend Brings Fast And Action Packed PVP Arena 10vs10 Battles
The PVP arena battles in MU Legend are something we feel is an acquired taste. Some will find them to manic and based on just smashing the attack button, but for others, it is a lot of fun and we fall into that category. One of the things that we love about these PVP arena battles in MU Legend is just how frantic they are. Sure you can use skill, plan your attacks and so on, but with ten people gunning for you a lot of the time you will be playing on pure instinct and just doing all you can to survive. The style of the game really adds to this as there are particle effects, explosions and a whole bunch of other visual effects going on that give the battles an epic feel.

Which we really like, but as the game is still in beta, we have heard a few people say the game does have a couple of performance issues when a lot of stuff is going on, but to be fair at this stage that is to be expected.

If you love having fun, just want to cut loose and have balls to the wall kind of battles then the PVP battle arena in MU Legend is the place for you. It is MMO hack and slash action at its very best and everyone here at is genuinely excited to see how Webzen tightens things up and make it even better.

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