Albion Online Drops On July 17th!

One MMORPG that has really caught our eye is Albion Online. In March the game underwent a very important update in the final Galahad update which is the last beta before the game will be released. We feel that Sandbox Studios are on the money with this and the game will actually be released later this summer when they say it will. So all of you who have a good stockpile of Albion Online Silver or even some Albion Online Gold might want to think about what you will do with it. Anyway the game is due for release on July 17th and if you have not yet stepped into the fun world of Albion Online we want to give you the heads up on why it is worth doing so.
Albion Online Drops On July 17th!
The Game Is Gorgeous

Ok so we know that graphics are not everything (we love OSRS as much as the next folk) but Sandbox Interactive really have crafted a fantastic world here. The game already looked pretty darn good. But the recent Galahad update has kicked things up several notches and players are going to be very impressed with the way this game looks. Each city has a unique kind of feel and the mobs all have a ton of different personality. Part of playing a game like this is escapism and the awesome world they have created (and the high detail of it) allow you to do this.

Albion Online Is Fun To Play

No matter if you are playing PVE or PVP, Albion Online is a blast. Now like most MMORPG if you do step into the world of PVP your experience is only as good as the people you play with. But we feel the combat system and the loot drops are more than fair and even someone new to the MMORPG scene will be able to jump in and have a lot of fun. One thing that really impressed us with Albion Online was the way you could actually get pretty far just playing by yourself. Sure mixing with others, making a guild and all that is fun. But there is some great times to be had here for those of you who like to lone wolf it and be a one man (or woman) ass kicking machine.

It Is Also Very Easy To Learn

There is not a lot to Albion Online…… and we mean that in the very best way. We really do feel that for a new player there is not a ton of stuff to learn here and the game eases you in very well. From making your character to hunting for items to craft with, everything is explained in a nice and easy way. The Destiny Board is one of the main "things" about Albion Online and it makes looking after your character, weapons, loot and everything else in the game very, very simple.

The Future Looks Good!

Albion Online may be a couple of months (as of writing) from being released, but Sandbox Interactive have proved that each update they do will make the game better. We love how they do not tinker with things that do not need tinkering with and instead focus on changing things that make the game more fun and more epic. We are very excited to see what the future of Albion Online is and no matter if you are just happy with Albion Online Silver or want to take the plunge and get some Albion Online Gold, you will be very entertained and have hours and hours of fun with this game.
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