Is MU Legend Suitable For Kids: A Parent’s Guide

Hey guys, here at, we know that there are kids all over the world who love to play MMORPG's. We want to share with you parents out there our thoughts on if this is an MMORPG that is suitable for kids to play. We pride ourselves on offering the best prices on MU Legend Zen, but we also like to share our views and thoughts on the game.

Today we are talking about is MU Legend a game that is suitable for kids? To be honest with you. From a gameplay point of view, we do not see anything bad here at all. The game has a more hack and slash almost arcadey kind of feel to it. In many ways, it feels a lot more initially accessible than some of the other MMORPG's that are out there. There is of course violence and gore, but nothing worse than what we have seen before. But this, of course, is up to a parents discretion. Check out the trailer on the official MU Legend site and see the level of violence for yourself.
Is MU Legend Suitable For Kids: A Parent’s Guide
We feel that if a kid has played any other MMORPG before then they will be able to fit right in with MU Legend. It is actually a little easier to get into than some of the other games so they should be able to jump right in. Just make sure they know the rules about talking to strangers and giving out personal details. But if your kid is already playing games online be it MMORPG's or even something like Call Of Duty then we are sure you have already had this talk with them.

We do not see anything wrong with younger gamers getting in on MU Legend. If you want to get them a nice surprise to help them make their character epic. Then have a look at our low prices and see why we are the best place to buy MU Legend Zen.
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