Albion Online, What To Expect In PVP and Guild vs Guild Content

As you know by now, is the number one place online to buy albion online gold and Albion Online Silver. We have been singing the praises of this game for a while now and today we want to share with you, our thoughts on the PVP and Guild vs Guild aspects of Albion Online.
Albion Online, What To Expect In PVP and Guild vs Guild Content
PVP Thoughts

To us, this is what Albion Online is all about, PVP! Sandbox Interactive in their last update really did go above and beyond to make PVP as exciting and intense as it possibly could be. The Black Zones, which offer amazing loot, but are also dangerous so if you die, you lose everything you have are going to be a real test in PVP and be something that does make many players who normally fly solo want to team up. The PVP aspect of Albion Online is really going to reward players who stick with the game and dedicate themselves to learning their character. Those who just jump in and try to wing it may be in for a nasty surprise!

Guild vs Guild

You will have noticed that we have a section dedicated to buying fast Albion Online Gold and Albion Online Silver here on the site. That is because a couple of the guys in the office actually started their own guild. By all accounts it is a lot of fun, you build your guild with players you can trust, start a settlement and then do all you can to see your settlement thrive while trying to take down others. Guild vs Guild really does require a lot of teamwork and it forces you to learn each other's strengths and weaknesses if you really want to make sure you are a guild that the whole world fears! We are certain people are going to have a ton of fun with this.
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