Game Play And End Game Progression In MU Legend

Hey guys after spending a few hours with MU Legend I feel like I can give a little bit of information about the actual game play. Many people are looking for places to get fast MU Legend Zen and after spending some time with the beta I can see why. This is a really fun game and one that I can see myself putting a lot of time into. I never actually played MU Online, so I was coming into this with a fresh pair of eyes, an open mind and a hope that I would not be tempted to buy MU Legend Zen just yet.

How Do I Move Around?

The way that you move around each map, level, dungeon or whatever you want to call it is with the mouse. Just click where you want to go and that is it. If you have played any other action RPG or even any MMORPG then you will feel right at home here. One interesting thing is that you can actually use right click on the map if you prefer. I am sure some will like this, but I found it a little bit awkward and clunky.

What About The Combat!

When you start the game you are levelled up to a high level and have a ton of awesome abilities. This will certainly make you want to get fast MU Legend Zen so you can get more abilities. Combat is handled the same as it is in other MMORPG's. You click on your enemy and just slash away. It is something that is very satisfying and thanks to the fantastic graphics and character/monster design you get really into it.

In all honesty in terms of the game play, we have not really seen all the bells and whistles that will no doubt be in the final game. But in it's beta state I think it plays very, very well and was a lot of fun. Now I just need to find my wallet so I can buy MU Legend Zen to make my War Mage unstoppable!
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