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Monster Density Changes Coming In POE 3.1

We want to start today's blog off by saying thanks to all of you who have been coming here to POE currency buy as all Orbs are part of our Hot Sale. But just like you, we are very excited for 3.1.0 and recently some new information was given by Grinding Gear Games in regards to monster density in maps.

Basically, they have said that they know players had issues with the monster density in 3.0 and that they have worked on it for Path Of Exile 3.1. It is quite interesting the way they have done this. Instead of normalizing the number of total XP that a map is worth in general. It will be normalized on a per hour basis of running that particular map. This means that maps of different sizes will have an appropriate monster density. They have also said that they have tested, tested and then tested some more to make sure that no map feels like there is a lack of monsters for you to put a beat down on!

Rollable mods will now grant a pack size bonus. They have rebalanced the map mods to …

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