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What Grinds Your Gears About Path Of Exile 3.0

Ok, so we know that Grinding Gear Games have some big changes to the Harbinger League. But there are a couple of things that we would still like to see improved as the game moves forward. As you can tell by the low price we are offering Path Of Exile Orbs, Path Of Exile Currency and just in general how much we talk about it, we are huge fans. But here are a small selection of things we feel could be better.

Voice Acting!

We love the world of Path Of Exile, but feel that so far in 3.0 there has been a real lack of voice acting added to the game. This is especially evident when you enter a new area! We know that this is a huge game, but we would love to get a bit more invested in the overall lore and a huge part of that could be done by having more voice acting, explaining new areas to us.

Weird Graphical & Frame Rate Issues

No game is perfect, but a few people in the office have said that they have been able to see through floors, have characters disappear and other weird things hap…

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