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Felmyst: Some Thoughts On This Epic Server

With the release of Felmyst just a short while away. We are very happy to offer you the lowest priced Felmyst Gold that you will find. We have been part of many different World of Warcraft private servers, but Felmyst looks like it could be the very best yet. We wanted to share with you today just a few of the things that are on our mind about Felmyst.

The Servers Are Based In The USA

This may not sound like a big deal, but Blizzard has told Gummy (the brains behind Felmyst) that they could not have the server in the USA. But this has happened anyway. So what if Blizzard come to him and say take this down or they threaten legal action? Will this just disappear, we really hope it will not, but the risk is always there.

Could Be The Best Private Server!

Gummy is the god when it comes to making sure a private server is as bug free as possible. We feel this could be the big difference here as a lot of people are very excited to check this server out. We are sure that Gummy is going to be u…

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