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The Path of Exile Xbox One Main Issues

Hey everybody. Because of there's no leader boards on Path of Exile Xbox it's difficult to tell the very best builds. I realize PC and Path of Exile Xbox builds will vary. I'm searching to begin a brand new character and it was searching for any good throughout build. Presently I've an amount 90 Tornado shot Raider. What exactly are your thinking on the main issues?

The primary issues, for me, using the market around the Path of Exile XBoX version:

1) No search features. Means should there be 100-250 products you need to examine (jewel/prediction = kms) have some fun.

2) Absurd overpricing. This really is due partly to there being overall less players around the Path of Exile XBoX version in comparison to the PC version, however the prices remaining borderline obscene all months are all because of a lot of these points in various percentages.

3) You are able to have only 5 active offers. This limits things alot, and is a big problem, even 10 wouldn't be far better, b…

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